Derek Jeter attended Kalamazoo Central High School in the early nineties, where he was a two-sport athlete, a "royal couple" in the Winterfest Court, and a computer lab tutor (we can only surmise that it was still safe for the star jock to be a computer geek because nobody really knew what computers were at the time—can you imagine what the media would have done with a Bryce Harper computer tutor?). Here's Derek in his freshman year, when glory was but a distant pinstripe on his Cosby sweater.

The SI Vault treated us to a baby-faced Jeter photo a few weeks back, but today the site Great Lakes Guru rounded up a more comprehensive collection. Here are a few highlights, but head on over to see young Jeter's mullet-to-mini-fro transformation in its entirety.

This is Jeter's baseball team in his freshman year. Little-known fact: for the first two years of high school, Jeter's yearbook referred to him as "Derrick." Things really do get better, kids.

Just think: When this photo was taken, no one knew that one day, Derek Jeter would truly be considered the truest of all true Yankees.

"Derek Jeter attempts to set up a play for the Giants; may or may not be sporting a baby mullet."

Lady killer, I'm sure.

I'll respect any Yankee with that follow-through. Another page from the Great Lakes Guru offers that in his senior year, Jeter was a captain of the team and was "second in scoring in the Conference and the leading 3-point shooter in southwestern Michigan." I wonder if they still keep track of that stat.

For the record, the 1992 Winterfest Court at Kalamazoo Central featured "a teacher/student limbo contest."

Young Derek took Melanie Lockett to the Winterfest, and then canoodled with Marisa Novara (and Timmy O'Hara!) at the bonfire. Scandal! Someone tell Jimmy Traina.

Photos via Great Lakes Guru.