It was a good week for unintentional-dong submissions. There were more that didn't make the cut than those that did. The limbo-stick has been lowered, and the world's the better place because of it.

This first submission comes from dongster Todd B. who "took this picture at a Foster's Freeze in Los Angeles last summer. Very Dong-like."

Henry saw Dickey's dongiest mushroom dong post, but argued that "it didn't even have a nutsack. ... I decided I needed to forward you this to teach you a lesson about superlatives." Henry continued:

from last christmas, at my parents, on the floor of my sister's room, i give you sock dong, and also sock balls. i couldn't believe it when i saw it. for one moment i believed in jesus, and i yelled so loud my wife thought i was, i don't know, what the fuck do wives think?
anyway, it's got a fucking nutsack and a vein. eat it, mushroom.

It's a stellar dong-sock photo, Henry. There's no arguing that. But why bring Jesus into it? Did He even have a dong?

Kevin P. presents "Dessert Dong at The Sunburnt Calf in New York City."

"Since you just ran a nature dong shot, here's a phallic palm tree I spotted in Costa Rica." — Drew B.

Royce Y. presents this Cancun-cave dong to the ground-level-and-higher world.

DJP: "Found this 'dong tree' out on the Fort Cherry Golf Course just outside of Pittsburgh.

MoChampagneMistahFotay was clearly captivated by this "beautiful Seattle sunset dong."

Boyd interpreted this Golden Tee frame as "deep in bush" dong.

And finally, just last night, Kevin W. started a whole new category: "Today In Dong Shadow."


Keep up the keen observations, dongsters. If yours didn't make the cut, try try again.