From Nick L. comes this "dong tree in the redwoods."

Sam L. found this unintentional-dong hat at a NYC street festival last weekend.

Sweatingmullets's "2-year-old nephew got a hold of my autographed Michael Waltrip bobblehead and broke it. He unintentionally revealed the little pecker that is Michael Waltip's neck. I am now left with Waltrip dong."

Writes tipster Nate of the weather dong that both he and fellow tipster Brad espied, "Watch out for this storms spittin' rain, Lake Michigan beach towns! The guys got a nice hold of it too."

Staten Island's JW is the kind of dad who lets his kids play with a toy foam dart gun that "when you place the dart into the gun before pushing it down it looks like, well, a dong." Good stuff.

In this Arvydas Sabonis graphic, his nose looks to be dongish, per tipster Ricardo Z.

Chris describes himself as a weather nerd and Deadspin fan, "so when I saw this precipitation forecast graphic, I thought of you guys first." Aw shucks. Thanks, Chris.

J.C. Sr's "wife was whining about a stuffy nose and bought this contraption from the local drug store. After I pointed it out to her, she never touched it again. Prude."

Oliver wrote to share a vignette from his daily life: "When I look down from my balcony, I'm greeted everyday by a massive, blue, hairy-shafted pool dong."

Writes Bobby A., "Thanks to this weekly feature, I've got dong on the brain and when I saw the building in the picture, a building I've driven past hundreds of times, it was like a eureka moment."