This week is an example of quality over quantity in the realm of unintentional dong submissions. Many were submitted, few made it through quality control.

But this magical image of "Penis Shaped Passion Fruit," which tipster Tony deemed "impressive to say the least," did. In fact, it should be on Brazil's tourism brochures.

Andrew B. happened upon this dongped a few blocks south of South Street in Philly last weekend while bar-hopping for the Eagles/Rams game. It's not really an unintentional dong, but Outsourced really isn't sitcom yet NBC presents it as one anyway, so there's precedent for its inclusion.

Tipster Liz A. presented this submission without comment, so it remains unclear whether the material therein is human or animal.

Tipster Jay B. writes, "I'm pretty sure this may be in the top 10 of 'dong submissions' or whatever you call that piece you all do, with the hurricane pictures looking like dicks and all that. Just a random ass mattress store in Leesburg, VA. Sorry, I'm still drunk from watching/tailgating in College Park today and basking in the fact that WVU beat the fuck out of UMD."

First-time contributor Mike P. was "making some dinner this evening when I noticed that my sweet, Italian, turkey sausage resembled a hot and fierce dong. As it cooked in the pan, the sausage-y head began to grow wart-like bumps. By the time it was ready to eat I lost most of my appetite and couldn't finish consuming the head."

Mike C. saw this donged tree in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco.

Remember: If you erect a long building, it's only a matter of time before some steady handed graffito adds a long dong to the mix, like this artistry in Reykjavik, Iceland. (H/T Hass)

"Wouldn't you love to have this fountain at your parents house?" asks Nicholas S.
No, Nicholas S.

And finally, Patrick H. had some white meat for dinner.