It was just two weeks ago that Rob Ryan confirmed his "freaky" twin brother Rex's fetish for Rex's wife's feet. In doing so, Rob reminded us that "everybody has whatever screwed up thing going on." And yesterday, Rob gave us a bit of an indication of his own. It seems that as he considered which blitz package to use against the 49ers, he provided for himself the opportunity to get in a glimpse at a semi-nude woman. Click on the image above for a closer look.

Now, Rob has to be aware that cameras are capable of seeing an image like that on his play chart, so it's likely he did this knowing someone watching on television would notice.

Reader Ethan did notice, and he sent us these images and added, "I would love to hear Rob Ryan's explanation of why there is some model in a bikini on his play card against the [49ers]. I know he said he is sicker than his brother but can he not even make it through a game without looking at hot women." Perhaps there needs to be a press conference to ask just that.

UPDATE: And, per Hot Clicks, it looks like Rob's photo is that of actress and model Diora Baird. Upon further review, she's not in a bikini. Not that it matters to Rob, or anyone else.