Because Pitino is the Louisville coach, he's concerned with what Syracuse and Pitt leaving the conference will mean for those left behind. Because Pitino is Italian, he doesn't know how to describe his feelings with anything but a Godfather reference. (Warning: crappy music plays automatically at Pitino's site.)

There is a scene from the godfather where one of the capo's of the Corleone family approached Michael at his dad's funeral. He told Michael he could arrange a meeting to stop the bloodshed. The Godfather told Michael that the one who comes to set up the meeting will be the one who betrays the family. Robert Duval, as Tom Hagen the consigliere, thought it would be Clemenza who would be the one. Instead, it was good old Abe Pagoda as Salvatore Tessio. Michael Corleone's response to Tom was the answer to why Pittsburgh and Syracuse would make the move. His response: it was the smart move.

Pagodas aside, Pitino is realistic about realignment, in that he personally has no say. (Sadly and tellingly, neither does the NCAA.) He thanks Cuse and Pitt for making the Big East what it is, and wonders who'll be next to go. We think the whole situation can be explained by invoking Robert Dinero in The Godfather Part II.

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