Fine. I admit, this is selfish. No one else on the staff was ever as excited about the prospect of a Music Week featuring Pearl Jam as the unifying theme, even though this band's sports-music connection is more obvious than most. They'll deal.

So, yes, most of the music content will be devoted to Pearl Jam to help commemorate the band's 20th anniversary, but I promise to not let my fanboy tendencies completely dominate the site. Once, maybe. Twice, tops. We'll have some special guests contributing this week that I think you'll enjoy regardless if you hate the band or not. We'll also have other music content that won't have anything to do with Pearl Jam, Temple of the Dog, Soundgarden, Mother Love Bone, or Mookie Blaylock.

We'll also be giving away a prize pack which will include both the incredible PJ20 book and the movie soundtrack to one lucky, highly-evolved reader with impeccable music taste and who...Oh, did I tell you how awesome the PJ20 concert in Alpine Valley was? Because IT was. Like, fucking sick. I mean, I almost puked on myself I was so excited. And then won the setlist pool — more on that later — we had going on Sunday night so that was just the cherry-topped tits. "Pilate" and "Sonic Reducer" put me over the top in points. Look:

Sorry, that got away from me. It happens sometimes.

Also, if you readers have any unique and entertaining PJ stories or images you'd like to share, please send them along to me:


Thanks for your continued support of Deadspin. Hail, hail.

Top image inspired by Charles Wright. Rendered by COOKE, of course.