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What we watched: To see a television show you used to watch regularly for the first time in years can be enlightening. I chanced last night upon an episode of "The Wonder Years" and was reminded again of its pull, but for reasons that are entirely different from the days when the program still aired in prime time.


This was the episode where Kevin Arnold's and Paul Phifer's families vacation together in the woods. All the timeless tropes of suburban existence are still there—the character struggles between the families, between siblings, between friends, between teenagers and their parents. With just a few days to go until he and his family head home and he has to start high school, Kevin meets a girl with piercing blue eyes and a taste for cigarettes. Played by Fred Savage with an awkward innocence that is only starting to fade into a mature strength, he naturally spends the rest of the trip angling for ways to see her again.

Before "The Wonder Years" bounced into syndication, it was easy to relate to Kevin's character on a gut level, given the relative similarities of our ages at the time. But to watch it now, long after any phase of adolescent longing has passed, is to see why the show had such appeal: Kevin (and the ubiquitous narrator) is beginning to understand that the magic of youth is fleeting, that the cruel march of time is bringing him headlong toward a world in which reality includes much he cannot control.


Well, now what?: "OU President David Boren said Monday the Sooners were deciding between staying in the Big 12 and applying for the Pac-12. He indicated OU and OSU would be welcomed into the Pac-12. But Tuesday, a high-ranking source from a Big 12 school told The Oklahoman the Sooners would consider remaining in a "reformed" version of the conference, which would include restrictions on Texas' Longhorn Network and removal of Big 12 Commissioner Dan Beebe. It was not immediately clear Tuesday night if OU's demands were met or if the Sooners overplayed their Pac-12 opportunity." [NewsOK]


Translation: They'll take anybody at this point: There has been 'mutual interest' between the Big East football conference and Temple, 'maybe more intense recently,' a source said Tuesday just before officials from schools that play Big East football met in New York. However, Plan A for the Big East may involve Navy and Air Force, according to reports. One interested party from outside the Big East used the words ‘emergency' and ‘survival' to describe the current stakes. [Philadelphia Inquirer]

Your Cliff Diving In Malta Interlude:

Big deal. Isn't everybody getting a credential everywhere these days?: "Columbus, Ohio, businessman and freelance photographer Dennis J. Talbott, best known for allegedly paying former Ohio State quarterback Terrelle Pryor $20,000-$40,000 for signed memorabilia, was credentialed as a sideline photographer for Michigan's season opener Sept. 3 against Western Michigan at Michigan Stadium. U-M became aware of the situation this week. Talbott only attended the WMU game. In 2010, Talbott was told to disassociate himself from the Ohio State football program. He has denied that he paid Pryor for memorabilia. Talbott came to prominence during a thorough ESPN 'Outside the Lines' report on his connection to Pryor." [Detroit Free Press]

Welcome back: "It was a special night in Winnipeg. From the Winnipeg Free Press: "Dancing Gabe was one of the first through the doors Tuesday evening. The fixture at Jets' games in the old Winnipeg Arena threw up his hands and cheered when he walked through. True North made sure he could get tickets to games. It was a split-squad game with Columbus but many of the big names on the Jets stayed at home - including team captain Andrew Ladd, defencemen Zach Bogosian and Dustin Byfuglien and promising draft pick Mark Scheifele, who scored Winnipeg's second goal." [Puck Daddy]

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