Your p.m. roundup for Sept. 21, the day we first heard of bisexual squid. Photos via LeBron's Twitter page, on which he posted a bunch of photos today from his trip to D.C. Got any stories or photos for us? Tip your editors.

What we're watching (all times EDT, unless noted): ESPN has a baseball doubleheader, with Rays-Yankees at 7 and Rangers-A's at 10. Versus has Maple Leafs-Flyers in preseason NHL at 7. And ESPNU is showing Missouri-Iowa State in college women's volleyball at 8.

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A consideration of WWE conspiracy theories: "When R-Truth turned against the fans and his buddies John Morrison and John Cena several months ago, it felt refreshing, but it didn't exactly portend a major shift - boring good guys often make boring bad guys, after all. But R-Truth has blossomed as a heel. He began obsessing about conspiracy theories in wonderfully lunatic interviews, drawing hilariously inane connections between imaginary spiders and the ambiguous forces that were at work to keep him from reaching the top in the WWE." [Grantland/Dead Wrestler Of The Week Archive]

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Sept. 20, 2009: Megan Fox Will Kick You In The Boner

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Anyone else kind of hoping for something like a point-shaving scandal?: "You heard it here first, gamblers: it's coming time to place your bets on who will win the Quidditch World Cup. Yes, the Quidditch World Cup is real,don't you remember? (Muggle Quidditch, FYI.) It's coming to New York in November. And now an online betting site has set odds for six of the teams competing in tournament. [Village Voice]


"Breast milk ... You make my day-ee-ay": "The price of milk is rising and interest in human breast milk seems to know no bounds, so you knew it had to come to this eventually: one man has decided to see how long he can survive on a diet consisting entirely of his wife's breast milk. And naturally, he and his wife are blogging their experience. Cause, really, what else are you going to do with a 22-cubic-foot freezer of milk that breast milk banks won't take?" [Gothamist]

Your Ghana Gin Bitters Commercial Interlude:

Bobby Big Wheel is compiling New York restaurant reviews from some of our favorite people: Bakes, Drew, Ted Berg and David Matthews have already contributed. [NYC Meal]


Cue the stupid rumors of him having no heart: "Still raspy-voiced from a kick to the throat and beatdown by the New Orleans Saints defense, Bears quarterback Jay Cutler rapped twice on a lectern when pondering whether he could make it through the rest of this season with this type of punishment. ‘I don't know,' Cutler said. ‘I don't know.'" [ESPN]

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