From today's Twitter postings:

@DarylJohnston Looking forward to having Simon Cowell back on FOX. Make sure you tune in to X Factor tonight.

@KennyAlbert Series premiere of The X Factor tonight at 8 pm ET on FOX. Tune in!

@ChadPennington Anybody checking out the #Xfactor tonight? Interested to see what Simon has concocted this time!

@TroyAikman Simon Cowell returns tonight on Fox with the X Factor at 8 pm et...check it out!

@CoachBillick Series premiere of X FACTOR tonight at 8:00 ET on FOX. Getcha popcorn (w. Old Bay) ready! Watch the preview here:

@JimmyJohnson Looking forward to X factor tonight...lot of TV, may have to TiVo some stuff!

@curtmenefee Word is: Dodgers won all games Welshman Steve Jones, host X-Factor, tonite on Fox at 8ET/PT, attended.Does that mean he's only seen Kershaw?

@Jay_Glazer Tune in tonight to what's going to be the hottest new show on tv. Simon's back baby! X-Factor tonight on FOX

@Jay_Glazer I'm a big Simon Cowell fan. Tells it like it is!!

@The_ChrisMyers We always talk about the x factor in a game or a race.the #x factor in your life is worth watching tonight on #fox. You"ll be entertained !

@The_ChrisMyers Is simon the meanest man on tv Or just brutally honest? America will be watching tonight at 8 est on #fox. We can all use a little #x factor

@michaelstrahan Tonight make sure you check out the best new show on tv. X-Factor

@michaelstrahan Tonight make sure you check out the best new show on tv. X-Factor on FOX!

@michaelstrahan @theReBelMaT have u seen X factor yet?

I'm told The X Factor airs 8 p.m. tonight. On CBS, maybe?