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What we watched: Whether you're from another big city or some small town, it still doesn't matter. New York is a city that consistently—if not relentlessly—offers something to discover or notice. For me, three months after moving here from Philly—a large city in its own right—there is this: It is possible to ride a crowded subway at approximately the same time every morning without encountering the same person more than once. Ever.


A commute that involves driving is impacted by when one leaves home. It involves starts and stops and other split-second delays that naturally don't lend themselves to repeated sightings of others as you roll drearily along. But sightings somehow seem possible. Subway travel, by contrast, requires waiting, usually by standing in the same spot at the same location, sometimes for several minutes. That routine, anywhere else, creates familiarity. But in New York, the people keep coming. And then they're gone, headed the same way in a different direction, day after day after day.


Tony Romo was like a drowning kid out there: Says DeMarco Murray: "He could barely breathe. We were just seeing him grunting, and when he was trying to talk, he was just kind of holding on. You could see it in his facial expressions that he was hurt." [Dallas Morning News]


To which DeAngelo Hall responds: "I want to get a chance to put my helmet on whatever's hurt. … Romo's ribs — I'm going to be asking for some corner blitzes." [ESPN]

Mark Sanchez talks about that dumb hot-dog thing: "'I'll keep the food off the field,' he joked. 'It's just a good reminder of what playing quarterback in this league is like. I actually met the cameraman, he ended up saying sorry. He was like "I feel bad, that turned into a big deal for you, huh?" And I was like "You have no idea." You laugh about it now and I knew we would at some point. It wasn't very respectful to the game or the guys playing and that's not the way I wanted it to be.'" [Star-Ledger]

Your Insane Drumming Interlude:

Unity ain't what it used to be. But it is what it always was: "Commissioner John Marinatto left the Grand Hyatt Hotel saying that the seven remaining Big East football schools will stay together and try to recruit new partners. How long that lasts, however, is anyone's guess. Citing unnamed officials at the University of Connecticut, the Associated Press reported Wednesday that Connecticut and Rutgers didn't agree to stay in the conference. Both schools no doubt would prefer a more stable situation - like the Atlantic Coast Conference - but right now that option is not available." [Providence Journal]

Thanks for the insight, Peter Gammons (click to enlarge):

Dave Andreychuk proposed to his girlfriend via Jumbotron: "In the end, it was a portrait of romance: a sea of empty seats, the glow of the Doritos ads on the arena screens, the panting and sweating guy in a suit clutching a girl in a Marty St. Louis jersey. Bliss, really." [Puck Daddy]

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