Writes tipster Fighting Polish, this is "a picture of the Get Well card my 11-year-old niece made for my mother. That, of course, is a 'Thermometer-man.' Interesting to note that Thermometer-man has a thermometer in his mouth. Also, he looks exactly like a big, hairy-headed dong."

M.V. Memrick offers this "unintentional dong cake." The veins speak to intentional design, though.

This is from Mike's 3-year-old son's "doodle pad. ... Sadly, I was too distracted by unintentional dong to take note of what he was claiming it actually was."

Daniel R. "came upon this tree while walking with my friends in the woods. Upside down, it clearly is legs and a penis. I felt like it needed to be shared with the world." That it did.

This "Nylabone Dong" that Danny B. happened upon purportedly satisfies a dog's natural urge to chew.

Writes Jeff B., "This fisherman can use some excitement in his life, but any man willing to expose himself while smoking a pipe gets my vote."

Brian O. is "not entirely positive how this could even be considered UNintentional dong, but it certainly is dong." Yep.

And finally, this "hermaphroditic carrot" was raised organically in New Jersey, per tipster Tim L.