And...exhale. Not-so-pro surfer Hannah Cornett has retained the services of a Beverly Hills attorney named Michael Kernan to pull together a sloppy cease-and-desist letter to James Alesi (credit card sucker) and A.J. Daulerio (me!), accusing us of "libel, false claims, negligent misrepresentation" and whatever other shit she comes up with to avoid paying a portion of Mr. Alesi's Amex bill which he claims she used for a Vegas shopping spree without his permission.

Cornett, who has claimed to date both Cleveland Browns quarterback Tim Couch and Entourage's Adrian Grenier, seems to have charged numerous unauthorized purchases on Alesi's bill last May, including several thousand dollars spent at the Cosmopolitan Hotel's restaurant and its high-end apparel store. Since the original story broke, Hannah was last seen posing for photographers at last week's Emmy Awards.

To counter, Mr. Alesi has provided us with Facebook messages between himself and Hannah, every signed receipt from Hannah's stay at the Cosmopolitan Hotel, and cellphone photos of Hannah from the night they me at a NYC nightclub last May. Meanwhile, Hannah has yet to respond to any of our previous requests for comment on this story but it appears the only way she'll do so is through her lawyer. I'm just happy she's been found.

To be continued...