To protect his brittle ribs and gooey lung center, Tony Romo will suit up with a flak jacket made of Kevlar. But if you're like me, you're wondering: how exactly does one use Kevlar to protect oneself? Well, let me tell you: you put it between you and the thing hitting you.

SI's injury guru Will Carroll helpfully demonstrates this technique (but not a proper microphone) by taking a hammer to his own head and chest, protected only by what appears to be carpet samples. The verdict? "Felt it. Didn't hurt." Romo's flak jacket should come in handy when he's set upon by Redskins wielding hammers, or baseball bats.


This weekend you're in the hands of our usual ship of fools, plus look for the Top 25 Or So tomorrow morning. This has been music week. Here's some music.