Another week, another slew of unintentional dong submissions to share. Like this one from call-to-arms tipster Dave D., which was captured at "the CTA Quincy stop: the Holy Grail of Dongrail. Chi-town (dongs) rise up."

Mike's "friend posted this 'heart and cross' to his Facebook in an effort to impress a girl he's interested in. Latently, it probably worked out pretty well for him (assuming she's into blocky, red penises).

Sarah L. steered us toward "Advanced Instructions for Dachshund Balloon Animals" to share a magic dong.

Justin H. shares this "unintentional (probably intentional) dong tucked in apartment railing."

Chuck A. says this photo was snapped at the Winston-Salem State University homecoming parade last week.

What Sam G. provided was a shirt that looked as if it's been dong soaked. What Sam G. didn't provide whether it was with sweat, beer or other.

Matt P. presented this "Unintentional Cactus Dong."

A co-worker of tipster Daniel I.'s photographed this somewhere near Cherokee, NC.

This sign was posted on the training room Corey K. was in for a MS Server class.

And finally, Bill thinks he saw a touch of dong in this tribute to the late Steve Jobs. As many dong submissions are sent in via Apple products, it's a fitting tribute to end this week's roundup.