The above photo is of Ryan Howard, and it was taken at a suburban Philly Whole Foods on the day after the Phillies were knocked out of the National League playoffs by the Cardinals. The game ended with Howard recording the final out and tearing his Achilles in the process, which explains the scooter. The image is ripe for being photoshopped, which is why I asked for your contributions for our stupid little contest. And you didn't disappoint. We received more than 30 photoshops from various readers, but the gallery you see here has it narrowed down to the 16 I felt were the best, in no particular order. At the end, there's a second runner-up, first runner-up, and a winner. So let's get to it.

Howard's injury will likely keep him from playing baseball until well into next season, but that should give him plenty of time to go riding around with his gang, thanks to Donnie_Iris.

This is just cruel, sweatingmullets. Hilariously cruel.

Daniel S. had the Shane Victorino All-Star Celebrity Fashion Show on his mind, though with an obvious twist on Howard's appearance there with teammate Cole Hamels.

Howard might be hurt, but that doesn't mean he's not still part of the team, or that he can no longer compete, thanks to eRoCx.

Ryan Howard as ET, courtesy Jeff B.

Donnie_Iris kills two famously injured Philly stars with one photoshop, and it's brilliant.

Den has Howard on the move by making him a Mario Kart character.

Joseph S. kept Howard in the store but had pretty much the same thought.

Ryan Howard Roadkill, courtesy sweatingmullets.

Howard is off to join the Bektash Shriners, thanks to eRoCx. But the crowds still love him.

It's kind of bizarre how seamlessly Howard fits into this Star Wars image, thanks to the work of Larry K.

Daniel puts Howard right in the middle of the action that night some kid ran onto the field at Citizens Bank Park and got tasered by security. Of course, Howard was there that night; he just wasn't on his scooter in a food store.

Beep beep! Out of the way Howard! Can't you see Jason Whitlock is trying to get by? Courtesy The nut shot heard round the world.

Our second runner-up is Joseph R.'s depiction of Howard as Scarlett Johansson posing in the nude. Because what's better than Ryan Howard on a scooter making like Scarlett Johansson posing in the nude?

Except for our first runner-up, this fantastic Apple logo redesigned by Raysism to include Howard and his scooter.

Or our winner, courtesy FrailBlazers, who has Howard storming the beach at Normandy. Congrats to FrailBlazers, who should email me at dom[at]deadspin[dot]com to claim a prize.