Paul is a grad student down at Rice. He noticed this picture on the front page of the student newspaper, the Thresher.

"It seems the undergrads are getting geared up for their yearly 'Night of Decadence' Halloween party, which is basically a themed underwear party at one of the dorms. This year's theme is Harry Potter, and for whatever reason, there will be at least one 9-foot long, blue tallywhacker serving as a decoration for the event."

For whatever reason?

David V. caught this on Philly's ABC affiliate. "Jabba the Hutt?" he asked. "More like Jabba the Dong." Ain'therite?

From Oathless, via this link that Oathless sent in.

Lutz hereby presents "Unintentional Big 12 footprint Dong."

Dan F. notes that "even the kid is shrugging his shoulders as if to ask 'Why the hell did they attach the banana there?'"

Cory T. was kind enough to send along a recipe. A recipe for "Bread Baking: Them Bones!" Looks scrumptious.

Writes tipster/commenter/gentleman Telly, "This was taken at Casa Bonita this weekend. Yes, the Casa Bonita featured in South Park." Because South Park is real.

Tipster Aaron Y. provides this photograph from the U. of Miami Law School parking lot. He calls it black-top dong. I call it a total shock that the U. of Miami teaches law.

Meet Bryan in Minneapolis's dog Marilyn who "ate her food a bit too fast and when she threw it up, voila, it was a Throwup dong. I've got another picture of it without the dog if you want it." Pass. The dog holds the dongshot together.

Mark M. shares this wonderfully named eatery in Lake Lure, NC.

Elizabeth, M.D. sent this along without any comment.

Kurt reports that "Zeus took his new chew toy and crafted it into a new shape." Because Zeus is a fucking deviant.

"Dave in the car" explains that "This is Scorpion, a foe of Spiderman. From one of my kid's early reader books. Pretty obvious what his super-villain power is. Mary Jane was never the same again.

Jon from Lincoln, Cal. has a good friend who works as a kindergarten teacher; "one of her students drew a chicken. It appears she went the cock route instead."

Please let Andrew C. take it from here: Pinkberry? More like Penisberry, amirite? /high fives self

Clark "saw this guy wearing this Blackhawks shirt the other day. Is it just me or does that sternum look pretty phallic? I don't know if it warrants mentioning, but this picture was also taken in Beijing." Oh, Clark, of course it warrants mention, if only so we can figure out what the hell Kaner was doing in Beijing the other day. Besides ragin'.

Paul K. recently received a VIP Key coupon from his neighborhood Albertsons grocer. "Looks more like a dong shaped coupon," Paul K. added, just to make it clear.

If Megan G. saw an unintentional dong in this Halloween hat — which she did — that's good enough.

Writes tipster Brett, "Congestion and pressure indeed. America!!!!" All four exclamation points were his.

Sam L. sent along this artwork from the wall at a local Mexican restaurant, aka corn cob dong. He also asked for a plug for his blog, which I found to be a little tacky, what with us all here in the pursuit of not fame, but unintentional dong.