Tom Brady > Eli Manning. Just look at their shirts. Come on, let's talk football down in the comments.

Cincinnati at Tennessee (CBS): The Bengals are looking for their fifth straight win today. It would be the longest winning streak they've had since 1998, when they won six in a row. So, it's probably time for the good old "no-names are better than superstars" narrative. Good times. [USA Today]

Denver at Oakland (CBS): If we get to the point where 2011 hasn't-played-in-forever-Carson Palmer > Tebow, then, I'm totally ok with that.

NY Giants at New England (FOX): Be prepared to hear "first meeting since Super Bowl XLII" about a gazillion times. Not much has changed since then, though. The Patriots are still the offensive juggernaut and the Giants are still the lowly underdogs. But, "If Manning keeps circulating the ball around as well as he has been (five different receivers have been targeted at least 24 times), he may find a weak spot in the Pats' defense for tight end Jake Ballard with showing that New England is 27th in the NFL in stopping tight ends." You know the weak spot in the Pats' defense—all of it. []

St. Louis at Arizona (FOX): Noted Fordham alum John Skelton gets the start for the Cardinals while noted Husband-to-Heather Mitts, AJ Feeley gets the start for St. Louis. Both teams are 1-6 and look to double their win total. Double! [Revenge Of The Birds]


Green Bay at San Diego (FOX): Man, everybody hates San Diego, even the AP. "Still, while the Chargers always keep the injury excuse within reach, the Packers proved last year that injuries can be overcome. They ended the season with 16 players on injured reserve, including six starters. During the Super Bowl victory against Pittsburgh, Charles Woodson was knocked out with a broken collarbone and Donald Driver with an ankle injury. A few other Packers were hurt in the Super Bowl but played through the injuries." [AP]

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