Bros, we must mourn. The greatest bro of all, Joe Paterno—whom one could affectionately refer to as Bro Paternbro—has been fired as head coach of PSU football. Life will never be the same, bros. Football will never be so pure again. Hang your head, remove your backwards New Era cap, and say a prayer with me, bros.

Light a candle, bro. Do it directly in front of that AP photographer, though, bro.

Sing a fight song with me, bro.

You can even go falsetto, bro. It's a time of mourning.

Solidarity, bro.

Really impressive triceps, bro.

Sweet dramatic lighting, bro.

Is that T-shirt a size small? Respect, bro.

Hold me, bro.

You're really good at heart symbols, bro.

Cool suit, bro.

Just let it out, bro.

I like how you color inside the lines, bro.

Kind of seems like a waste of marker, bro.

I'm too sad to even text, bro.

You're my bro, bro.