It puts the lotion on its knee, and then it gets emailed in via tipster Nick B.

Jeff K. noticed the dong formation that is a sand-trap along the 12th hole at Royal Melbourne. That's Australia, not Florida.

Another angle of sand-trap dong comes from Zach, who writes "check out Webb Simpson hitting a ball out of an unintentional dong sand trap during the Presidents Cup. Watch out for the tip! Too bad it wasn't Tiger."

That's Mr. Fine. And Mr. Fine's clipboard. Sorry, Boeheim. It is what it is.

Nick H.'s friend takes pictures for a living, and he took this shot of a phallic stormtrooper toy. "Stocking Stuffer indeed," Nick H. writes. Is that what they're calling asstoys these days? Sorry again, Boeheim.

Kevin M. from Michigan sent two pictures of unintentional dongs and another of chocolate-covered because because, as he put it, "Why the fuck not!?!" (Punctuation-mark order his). I chose to run just one. It's of "I kid you not, [this] is a play that was drawn on out on the glass by a coach." The other two met the ass-end of a recycle bin. Because why the fuck not!?! And, because it's one dong per submission. That's a new rule. But honor it.

Tipster Sam found this "fantastic trio of mineral dongs" at a Phoenix mall.

Whittier, Cal.'s Marco enters the FOTY running with this parenting mini-vignette: "Glad I was there to see my 5-year-old see his first unintentional dong on TV, on Martha Speaks no less. He thought it was hilarious."

Also in the competition? Andy, who was bound by Megan's Law stricture to not add any words to this image of the toy that accompany's the Bella "Princess Dance Along Studio" Enchanted Tales play set. At least I hope he's a father. It's rather disturbing to think what Andy out there could be doing by way of enchantment if, in fact, he isn't. Or is. Enchantment know no bounds.

Dave's buddy found this outside of work. Which means Dave's buddy works somewhere that fashions leaves into the shape of dongs. This is a particularly busy time for Dave's buddy. Winter is when he's saddest.

Writes anonymous, this is "a nice looking neighborhood in Essex, Vermont that i thought you might like." It's ok.


Make reservations now for what Rob explains as "I drive by this sign on my way home from work near Mount Pleasant, Mi. I have no idea what it's supposed to be but it borderlines intentional with its allusions to masturbation (lower peninsula) and bestiality (upper peninsula)." Bestiality. Very nice.

Writes Brad, this "overly phallic looking piece of chicken that was had by a buddy of mine at a Chinese buffet. Said encounter happened back in September at China City Buffet in Mason, OH. Here's to hoping my pics of this 'meat' make the cut."

We close this week's collection with something Mike L.'s fiancé spotted. It's a palm tree at an apartment complex in Coronado/SD. What Mike L.'s lady immediately shouted was that it looked like "a cock shooting a load." Says Mike L. about this reaction, "I'm marrying a whore." So, let's all wish a gobble-gobbled Happy Thanksgiving to Mike L.'s whore fiancé!