Let's start this week's batch off with one of them Magic Eye Picture jawns in which if you stare long enough, you see something different than what you thought you saw. In this case, you're likely to stare at that field dong long enough to eventually see a band at halftime of the Boise State/SDSU game like Justin P. done did.

Kristen J. follows that up with a handful of potato dong, held tenderly and firmly, but displayed proudly.

Robert D. and a slew of other rasslin' aficionados were quick to point out what the former referred to as "Recently injured WWE Superstar Sin Cara seems excited about his new T-shirt."

Here's a moment of young love that tipster Alex saw while reading a book to his kid the other night.

Graham G. says "it's impolite to leave your nuts on the bar." Couldn't be further from the truth.

Ian A.P. hereby presents Thundercats dong, in which he believes, "That green discharge tells me the robears may need some antibiotics."

Rich M. "took this picture years ago on a flip phone while making pancakes. It's pancake batter that hit the oven and cooked into a tiny dong shaped pancake. The picture was survived several phone upgrades over the years for no apparent reason other than childish humor. But now it may have a home in the Unintentional Dong Submissions gallery." And so it shall be.

This gooble-gooble greeting comes to you by way of astute tipster Dan L.

Scott Mac sent along this "30ft Mario Balotelli Effigy holding DONG!" alert a couple weeks back. Hopefully, Scott Mac would be kind enough to explain why he didn't make mention of that dude there painting Balotelli's clothed tip.

Just about everybody with internet access on the planet sent this in during Monday Night Football. You'd think that Chucky doll retread Gruden said something about franks, beans and touching that guy's balls. He didn't, did he? That'd have been funny.

This weatherdong featuring Cecily Tynan from the ABC affiliate in Philly was brought to you by Ian P., a regular dong submitter.

For his first submission, tipster Tony C. went with the ever-trusty Ginger Root Dong.

Mike K. and Mrs. Mike K. "got a big box of my wife's Christmas ornaments from when she was a kid to put on our tree. When she pulled it out this afternoon, it was, 'This is one of the ornaments I made when I was young.' About a minute later after everyone started laughing at it, it was, 'I think my brother made it.' By the end of the night, it was, 'I think someone else must have made it and I wound up with it somehow.'" Own your donglove, Mrs. Mike K.

DeezerD was all like, "Saw this at the market down the street from my house. The fact that the price is 69 cents might be the best part." So I was all, "You know, DeezerD's right: That price tag holds the room together."

Larry took this photo of a sculpture in the lobby of the Fairmont Hotel in downtown Pittsburgh. "I'm not sure what the sculptor was going for here," Larry wrote, "but it definitely bears a strong resemblance to a dong." That it does. But, it could also be Sauron's one-eyed tribute to Middle Earth, which would explain its location.

Geoff C. pointed out this unintentional Hello Kitty dong.

James W. followed suit with this unintentional "elephant pushing a dong down the street with its trunk" image.

Andrew M. would like it if you'd "check out this Christmas dong accented with flaming spew, holly pubs, and one blue ball." Tis the season for dazzling spew, I guess. Oh, and sic with the pubs, too.

Finally, I don't know what this is and tipster Jay F. didn't bother explaining, so you're on your own. Vaya con Dios.