You thought Bob Costas was stupid? You clearly didn't know how stupid human beings could get when discussing end zone celebrations. That apotheosis belongs to Jets tackle Sione Pouha, who's convinced that Stevie Johnson was out to mock the death of thousands.

Most of the moralizing has focused on Johnson's "shoot myself in the leg" pantomime, which was clearly a jab at Plaxico Burress. Johnson called up Burress and apologized, and we're moving on. Then Johnson segued into his version of Santonio Holmes's "flight boys" celebration—arms out like a Jet—only to crash to the turf. It was obviously, obviously just a poke at his opponents. Not so obvious if you're Sione Pouha.

"Us being from New York ... that airplane thing, in my opinion, was kind of a dagger a little bit, concerning the circumstances we just remembered — Sept. 11," Pouha said. "We all stand for pride in this region and that's a sacred moment. For a lot of people, it's a sobering moment."

Oh good. As if an uproar over nothing wasn't enough, now we've invoked the tallest lightning rod for manufactured outrage there is.


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