Even rugby stars can have helicopter parents, as French number 8 Imanol Harinordoquy learned when shit went down between his Biarritz club and rival Bayonne in France's top division.

That's Harinordoquy's father Lucien rushing out of the stands to protect him during the (extremely tame and/or French) brawl, which was sparked in the opening minutes of a clash Biarritz would eventually win on a last-second penalty goal.

What's odd is that Harinordoquy doesn't sound like a "daddy's boy," if such a thing exists. His website claims he chose a rugby career over following in his father's footsteps as a cattle trader. So why the hell did Lucien Harinodoquy assault the pitch? Per London's Guardian:

I was under pressure and for other reasons, I lost control. I regret my behaviour.

So he was drunk. Got it! [h/t to Jim R]