We told you earlier that we were displeased with all the NBA action on Christmas Day, but we don't have much standing in the sporting world. You know who does have standing? Ralph Fucking Nader has standing.

An excerpt from the former presidential candidate's open letter to David Stern:

Just as obviously, in tune with the over-commercialization of Christmas by businesses that seems to intensify with each passing decade, there are those who see dollar signs and promotional extravaganzas for the Knicks-Celtics, Heat-Mavericks, Bulls-Lakers in order to rev up the dimmed enthusiasm of many fans caused by the prolonged NBA dispute. But you run the NBA and made the final decision which is why this letter is addressed to you.

I urge you to reconsider the Christmas day NBA overload in a spirit of decency, regard and recognition as to how this will disrupt family gatherings throughout the day with predictable arguments between children and parents about watching the games instead of spending quality time with siblings, parents, relatives and friends.


Stay tuned, internet people. Ralph Nader's gonna save Christmas.

Pictured: Nader (l.) and the worst guy in the NBA who owns a team playing on Christmas Day.

Ralph Nader letter to NBA CEO regarding Christmas games [League of Fans]