Let's start this week off with a vignette that Nick shares from a recent visit to Famous Dave's BBQ in Omaha, Neb.: "So I was sitting there with the fellas, waiting for our lunch to arrive from the kitchen. As our waiter comes over to hand me my plate, he chuckles and lays this down in front of me. Funny and weird all at the same time!"

Quite a few of you sent this "Tiger wearing prototype TW FREE golf shoes today + awkward TV telestration" picture in from that jitbag Darren Rovell's account on Saturday. If you look closely, there's another dong besides the one reflected on the screen. (H/T @alwayswinning1, Dan S., Pandering Panda)

Let Bobby in GA walk you all the way to his use of the term "vaginal colleagues" ...

This was taken at my wife's OBG office, so it may not fall under the term 'unintentional.' Either way; I had no problem picking this out of the window, giggling, snapping a photo and telling 9 month prego wife and all her vaginal colleagues this is doing to the unintentional dong collection.

Daniel P. sent in this magical chandelier imagery.

Mike from North Port, Fla. says this was on a Happy Meal box.

This "Hamboner!" submission from Birmingham, Alabama tipster Tony may damn well be the most disturbing one mine eyes have ever seen. I mean, seriously, that wall is filthy.

Mark F.'s "wife Kristine spotted this 'dog massager' in an advertisement from Petco, and insisted that I submit it. Or submit to it. Nah, I'm pretty sure it was the first one." Sure it was.

Tipster Chris R. didn't take credit for this find, linking to its original appearance. But never before has the top of the fold portion of an image worked so dongingly when stacked just so. In any event, the Waitrose Weekend is a free publication of a supermarket with a "reputation [that] has been built, above all, on the quality and freshness of our food. It is what our customers want, and it is what gives us our edge over other supermarkets." #themoreyouknow

Tipster John F. "spotted this gem at the Christkindl market in Chicago last night. Apparently Linda's sister is using her talents to benefit the arts-and-crafts world."

The dong that tipster Steve submitted came from WJFW in Rhinelander, WI.

Tipster Zach writes that there's "nothing like letting it all hang out at Donger's Pond." See why?

Jeremy Coco shares a little tale of football and jewelry:

"This week I was coming back from an intoxicated afternoon at Buffalo Wild Wings after witnessing my Chicago Bears get manhandled by the legs of Sebastian Janikowski and Shane Legler and noticed these earrings hanging on my friends shelf while I was taking a piss in her bathroom. I quickly forgot that we just got beat singlehandedly by two white, middle-aged, overweight kickers."

When it comes to this turkey dong, tipster Kevin H. notes that he "rubbed too much oil, for too long." Necrophilia never looked more scrumptious.

As if Kevin's turkey dong wasn't appetizing enough, Matt from Baltimore shares this image from Thanksgiving at "my sister's place in redneck Georgia. Prepping this bird for cooking, she reaches inside and pulls out its cockandballs."

Roberto S.D. notes that "grass can't grow fast enough to cover up this triple pronged dong in my yard."

Writes tipster Alex H., "This is from a recent igneous petrology lecture. The prof went into great depth explaining the 'rigidity' of the crust this veiny dong was erupting into." That must've ruled.

And finally, Sam R. says that his "girlfriend found this inside the Christmas socks she'd just bought. Said it was the biggest white one she'd ever seen, whatever that means." It was a veiled insult, Sam. So don't feel ashamed if you use one of those socks for ulterior purposes. That'll show her.