So, for some inexplicable reason, tipster Nick L. was researching how best to draw a cat. Who knows. What he found was this tutorial. It led him to assert, "I always knew cats were dicks." He's right. Cats are dicks. Total dicks. Every last one of them. Even the lady cats.

Raj P. offers this ample dragon diddy with the following explanation: "My cousin sent me this from Bhutan. Apparently, dongs are all the rage there, with banners and flags all over the place sporting dragons and dongs of various varieties. Even the windows in the postcard artwork are dongy. Think someone needs to have a word with their board of tourism." That word? FuckyeahtourismboardofBhutan.

Joseph B. noted "a little seasonal cheer at the local launder-mat" which gives new meaning to that tried-and-true phrase "hung like a pumpktaur."

So, the doughnut shop by Tom R.'s pad in Arizona calls this jawn "Death By Chocolate," and it costs just 99 cents. Raycess.

Zach C. shares this "Hey, Hey it's the Monkey" image from the Christmas parade in Hurricane, WV. Also raycess.

Trader Joe's: Come with the black nail polish, leave with the double eggplant dong special. (Thanks, Lexi C.!)

I Am Gman's "wife pulls this fundraising flyer out of a packet that came home from school with one of the kids and I hear her say, 'Well it looks like this one didn't go through the normal approval process.' Yeah, but I know just what to do with it." Naughty, naughty.

Bryan K. can't understand why my wife hates this hole at the St. Croix Valley (WI) Golf Course. "Must be the water hazard!" Or envy, B.K.

Meanwhile, Jeff B. and Kim "were both surprised to see these phallus-handled pom-pons stuffed into a checkout lane magazine rack."

And redheaded chap named Conan O'Brien "checked into my D.C. hotel and found this Washington Monument cookie. At least I hope to God that's what it is." God can't help you now, Conan.

Ben was watching a Rangers game when that there telestrator dong showed up. But, Ben seems to have a Carson Palmer fathead thing on his wall. Nobody wins.

Tipster Matt H. raises an interesting question: "Is the guy in the Hanes commercial with Michael Jordan sporting a hard one?" Depends. He into Hitlerstaches?

Dan N. offers this photo from Vancouver during the 2010 Olympics.
"Not sure where you put tranny dongs, but this furniture store likes to put them on the window. It remains my background image because it's a really pretty picture, until you get slipped the dong," he writes.
Judge not lest he be judged, brocephus.

And finally, Daniel MM of Champaign, Ill. "blocked traffic on the sidewalk for a good minute trying to capture a passable picture of this rubberband dong. Mission accomplished." Ask not what a random unintentional dong on the sidewalk can do for you.