Got a golfer in your life? Tired of buying all that Golf in the Kingdom crap? This guide is for you. Leave any suggestions in the comments.

For a golfer truly dedicated to his craft, time spent on the toilet is time not spent on the putting green. Change all that, with Toilet Tee Time. Putter, ball, cup—you have everything you need to work on your short game, all while you're lying four on the can. Toilet Tee Time: $20. []

Customized balls are a relatively inexpensive way to show your favorite golfer you care. They're like coffee mugs you can hit with clubs! Personalized golf balls: $39.99 for a 12 pack of Titleists (personalization is free) [Golf Galaxy]

The Diablo Octane woods are the highest-rated set of woods to be released this season. The Octanes are made with forged composite technology, as opposed to pure titanium. I have no idea what that means, but the result is a light but powerful club that gives players an average of eight extra yards per drive. Diablo Octane Driver: $120-$200; Diablo Octane Fairway Woods: $138-$199 [Callaway Golf]

No set of clubs is complete without a nifty driver cover that informs everyone in your group where you got your baccalaureate. Driver cover: $26.95 [Campus Colors]

Every golfer dreams of playing the world's top courses—of hitting a tee shot into gales off Ballyliffin or hitting out of the bunker at Cape Kidnappers. Now he or she can read about these courses. Which is almost as much fun and involves far less Scottish cooking. Fifty Places to Play Golf Before You Die, by Chris Santella: $16.30 [Amazon]

The Designated Driver Kooler Klub is the perfect antidote for those hot summer rounds where the drink cart can't come fast enough. Designated Driver Kooler Klub: $49.99 [After 5]