Happy 2012 to all ye unintentional-dong seekers. Let's start with Russ A. who was kind enough to share an image of "a Lego piece that came with my son's Millennium Falcon set. Princess Leia seems impressed." Totally. What's more impressive is that Millennium Falci are still being sold. Side note: During the New Year's Star Wars marathon on Spike, I decided Hoth Leia is hotter than Jabba's Ship Leia. Discuss.

Tipster Geoff's nameless ladyfriend — likely from the Niagara Falls area — "snapped this belated Christmas party sushi dong last night. Hopefully it's worthy!" Worthy it is, Geoff and ladyfriend.

And if I were a lion in a circus, I'd damn well ask the ringmaster what the hell happened to my tip. (H/T Vince B.)

Tipster Evan E. "was out with my family for dinner in Escanaba, MI, and noticed these interesting window designs. I thought the Deadspin community might appreciate them." What say you, Deadspin community, are Evan's efforts appreciated?

Writes tipster Dave, "This is apparently a 'double lime squeezer.'" This, because it says so right on the packaging.

Matt C. presents this "puzzle dong" which is "actually the leg to a chair." Or is it?

I'm not sure a week passes without a submission from tipster Ian A.P. This is troubling. But whatever. Here's what he has to say this week: "Butternut squash dong. Also pictured: My roommate Victor (also a dong)."

R.J. M. was kind enough to share "this veiny bastard is set up in the town square in a quaint little Ohio town. Dong." Dong.

Direct from the embarrass-the-father-in-law-four-years-later files comes this report from Wynn H.: "We live on the north shore of Chicago and had an unusually late snowfall. It was his idea to go outside with the kids and build snowmen. When we saw what he was building we couldn't stop laughing. I ran outside and took a picture of him and his masterpiece. I then asked him what in God's name he thought he was building? His first answer was that it was a worm coming out of an apple, his second answer was that it just looked like a blob."

Then, Wynn points out that it looks like "a giant snow cock in my backyard."

Tipstress "Manny" spent the holidays in Denver. "They had a yule log channel on GMC. Not sure if they used the same two-dong fireplace nationwide or if it was just for the Denver area, but it really brought out the holiday spirit. And by holiday spirit, I mean visions of giant brass cocks dancing in my head."

Here's Reid's "cashew dong."

And steak dong, or manmeat, as prepared by tipster Troy C.'s galpal on New Year's Eve.

Greg F. hereby presents "a Minnesota dong with a lake-effect moneyshot all over New York."

Mark T.'s "grandmother reportedly brought this hand-carved nativity set back from the Holy Land. My wife loves when this gets pulled out and displayed each year." Pulled out. Heh.

Aw. (H/T Joe H.)

And finally, Jim I. points out that he's "not sure what the cow is doing on my daughter's milk carton, but she thinks 'it's just wrong.'" Prude.