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What we watched: It's only January, yet DePaul fans rushed the court after beating an unranked Pitt team that is now 0-3 in the Big East. Pitt was ranked in the preseason top 10, and the Panthers have spent the last decade as one of the Big East's best teams. DePaul? The Blue Demons are so bad that the following line actually appeared in the Chicago Tribune this morning: "[I]ts 1-1 start in the Big East is its best since a Jerry Wainwright group opened 2-0 in 2007-08." This was a team that had lost 53 of its last 55 Big East games. They were on national TV, and they won. If their fans want to rush the court, who are we to judge?

What we're watching (all times EST, unless noted): Butler at Wright State in men's college basketball at 7 (ESPNU). Kansas State vs. Arkansas in the Cotton Bowl at 8 (Fox). Chicago at Orlando in NBA basketball at 8 (ESPN). Niagra at Iona in men's college basketball at 9 (ESPNU). Portland at Phoenix in NBA basketball at 10:30 (ESPN).

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From Russian spy to Maxim covergirl: "In one of those meetings, on an evening in December 2010, I joined Chapman at the Soho Rooms, a Moscow nightclub that is terribly difficult to enter, the doormen protecting the many beautiful women inside from the men who cannot afford them. Chapman handed me a white T-shirt silk-screened with a version of the iconic image of Che Guevara in a beret, with Chapman's face in the place of Guevara's. The bottom of the shirt read, 'Cha.' It was a gift for me. Chapman was enjoying her fame. At one point in the evening she leaned in close against the blaring music and asked me if I knew who I was. I nodded and said that I did. 'I'm still trying to figure it out,' she said, flashing her green eyes." [Capital New York]

This Date In Deadspin History

Jan. 6, 2006: Coach Janky Spanky: Cliffs Notes Version


Nabbed because of the munchies: "Ole Miss basketball coach Andy Kennedy has dismissed leading scorer Dundrecous Nelson and freshman Jamal Jones from the team for a violation of team rules. Nelson was arrested late Tuesday night on charges of possessing drug paraphernalia. At 1:24 a.m. early Wednesday morning, after Ole Miss' win against SMU, an officer responded to a smell of marijuana coming from Nelson's apartment, according to an Oxford Police Department incident report. Nelson did not answer the door when the officer knocked. As the officer was leaving, he met a delivery person from Domino's Pizza and asked him where he was headed (it turned out, it was to Nelson's apartment). Nelson then exited his home in order to get the pizza and attempted to quickly go back inside. The officer confronted Nelson at that time. Upon finally entering the apartment the officer found eight roaches of marijuana made from cigarillos (small cigars that can be emptied and stuffed with the drug).It was not the first time, the officer wrote, he had been in Nelson's apartment and witnessed a similar scene (Nelson received a warning on that occasion). The officer arrested Nelson and released three others (Jones and two females) after they admitted they were high." [Clarion Ledger, via The Big Lead]


Oh, the Mets: "A source familiar with the situation has said that the Mets have hired CRG Partners - the turnaround consultants that handled the Rangers' bankruptcy sale - and that a team sale with or without bankruptcy is on the table. The Mets have confirmed the hiring, stating that they have 'engaged CRG Partners to provide services in connection with financial reporting and budgeting processes.' Hiring turnaround consultants doesn't necessarily mean that the team is specifically preparing for bankruptcy and a sale - consultants like these are brought in to figure out how a struggling business can become profitable - but it further underscores the Mets' moribund financial situation. Also, a turnaround company typically gets only a modest fee if it comes in and merely makes recommendations; it has a considerable economic incentive to push for a huge sale when a sizable commission is in the offing." [Amazin Avenue]

Your Jamie Kennedy Pizza Delivery Prank Interlude:

This recruit wants you to know he was not pouting over a Hello Kitty backpack jersey number: "This is exactly what happened, since they tried to twist the story around: I was a late invitation to play in the game and when I got there, they gave me the No. 14 jersey I guess to walk around in. I was assigned No. 16 for the game. When I looked at the roster, I saw that nobody had my high school jersey, which is No. 28. I asked the director if I could get No. 28 because no one had it. If someone already had 28, I would've never said anything. I would've stuck with whatever number they gave me. The director was like, he was going to try his best to get No. 28 for me, and that was the end of it. I didn't fuss about it. I just asked him. I don't know where they got where I was fussing about it. The reporter never talked to me about it. Go read the story – I'm not even quoted in it. It's just not true." [Atlanta Journal-Constitution]

Bill Clinton, hockey guy: "However, it would appear that former president Bill Clinton has a little more interest in hockey. He was at Thursday night's game between the New York Rangers and the Florida Panthers, and he showed that he isn't just a casual observer: Clearly, he keeps up with the goings-on of the NHL at least a little. During the intermission, he came down to the glass, where the ice crew flipped him a puck. And then, because Clinton remains a very cool guy, he showed his appreciation by flashing a Jagr salute, much like the Rangers' Mike Rupp did at the Winter Classic." [Puck Daddy]


Ryan Miller might break a record, maybe: "Ryan Miller is four victories away from breaking Dominik Hasek's franchise record of 234 wins by a Buffalo Sabres goaltender. That gives Miller a great number to shoot for in a year his numbers are basically shot. 'Every season is unique,' Miller said with a pained smile after practice Thursday in First Niagara Center. 'Every lawyer puts it on their disclaimer for their commercials, 'Past results do not guarantee future results.'" [Buffalo News]

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