Remember Chris Brown? Sure you do. He's the supremely confident Texans fan who decided to get an irreversible reminder of a jarring lapse in judgment. As we settle in for the second half of the AFC Championship game, we turn to the Houston Press and are reminded just how jarring a lapse it was.

Brown remains upbeat about things for the most part. The Super Bowl Champions tattoo is not the only ink he has, it is but a chapter in the "walking autobiography" that is his body. "Some I like, some I regret. Like life." Brown claims he wasn't even thinking about the tattoo while he watched his Texans make a liar of his arm. It actually took some time, and a few friendly reminders, for it to settle in.

"Honestly, I didn't even think about the tattoo. I just processed it like a normal game. In fact, the tattoo wasn't even on my mind until right after the game when my phone started blowing up, and my friends were calling me and texting me 'HA HA!'"

Brown appears to have a good head on his shoulders and is taking everything in stride. He's already looking to the future and expects big things out of the Texans but with perhaps a touch more trepidation than before he got the tattoo.

"What are we gonna do now that we're a powerhouse?!?"

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