It takes a lot to make one really angry about the Pro Bowl. No one cares about the Pro Bowl—not football fans, not gamblers, not even the players in the game. It's a nice Hawaiian lark before the Super Bowl.

But lordy, am I pissed now. Last night I saw this on NBC's online broadcast schedule:

Sunday, January 29
7 p.m.-conclusion, Pro Bowl, Honolulu, Hawaii
Talent: Dan Hicks, Mike Mayock, Doug Flutie, Alex Flanagan, Randy Moss

And I said to myself, holy shit, Randy Moss is a sideline reporter for the Pro Bowl? Like, what? What an odd career choice for him! What an odd choice for NBC! Everything about this is odd!

But then I did a little digging—reporting, you know—and read this on Wikipedia:

Randy Moss (born 1959 in Hot Springs, Arkansas) is an American sports reporter who currently covers horse racing for NBC Sports, ESPN, Versus, and Daily Racing Form and football for the NFL Network.

This is the worst Pro-Bowl-related news imaginable. NBC hired some other guy named Randy Moss to take part in the Pro Bowl when the real Randy Moss has been in seven of 'em. Who better to harangue Greg Jennings on the sidelines? Who better to sass linemen? Who better to flip out at craft services?

You really prefer the bald head at right to the head at left, NBC? Shame on you.