John Chadima resigned as the associate athletic director at the University of Wisconsin just after returning from the Rose Bowl earlier this month. Turns out he is accused of groping a male subordinate while at a party on that trip, according to what a source told WKOW, a television station in Madison, Wis.:

The source told 27 News Chadima's actions with the victim involved "grabbing his crotch." A second source with knowledge of the review said the victim was reluctant at some point to continue to pursue reporting what happened, although a report to university officials was originally made.

There is nothing to indicate the alleged victim had gone to police in Los Angeles County, so at the moment Chadima does not face criminal charges. Last week, in his only public comments on the matter, Chadima issued a statement expressing his regret over a "recent lack of judgment." He also said he resigned from his $129,000-a-year job after working at Wisconsin for more than 20 years because he did not want to "bring disrepute" to the school.


This could get ugly. WKOW's own story also says the allegations against Chadima were being reviewed by an independent panel that concluded its inquiry yesterday. That independent panel is required under state law to inform Chadima of the university's plans to release its findings. Chadima, if he so wished, would then have the chance to go to court to block those findings from being made public. Seems to be a little late for that now.

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