This week's dong-submission cavalcade starts with Kent B.'s folks's Irish Wolfhound. His name is Presley. He's a good pooch.

This one comes from Alex R. who reports, "While helping our granny put up her Christmas decorations, she whipped out one of her vintage favorites. My wife and I raced each other to see who got their phone out first without making granny suspicious."

Per Mike F., "This is the back of a birthday card to my 3 year old. My 12 year old pointed it out to me." It being the dong on the back of the birthday card.

Zander's "four-year-old daughter made this for me during dinner. She said it is 'cherries.' I say it looks like a girth impaired dong." Zander's sick in the head.

Brandon in Thailand reports "this cute bunny likes — REALLY LIKES — holding your keys."

Brian G.'s "sister threw a Big Lebowski-themed party and made these bowling cookies."

Keith N.'s "friend was abroad in Italy and has been saving this 'pasta' for a special night." (Edit: As many of you have pointed out, this is an intentional dong. I hope you can bounce back from this oversight.)

Steve L. "was driving to see my folks in northern Wisconsin and stopped at Culver's for a burger and some curds. Little did I know that Culver's had started frying little cheese curd dongs!"

Kodi "was scrolling through my 'boo account and stumbled upon this picture of one of my friends (model/performer) breakfast selections. Two clementines and a sausage link! Almost too easy." So, yeah, 'boo.

DeezerD provided this insight into the world of wall-walking springee dongs.

Ryan from Fargo points out "The new Toyota Prius' 'relax cabin.'"

Chris O. shared "an image of the Snow Stake camera at Copper Mountain, Colorado. When the powder is deep, the shadow of this phallic yardstick is exposed." And the powder was deep that day, friends.

Morenike "found this unintentional dong while eating some sesame seed chicken and felt elated that I actually had something to submit to the gallery." Unintentional dongs, making a difference in people's lives.

Will decided not to eat this pizza in Arizona during Spring Training "for some reason."

Lou guesses "it's just a tip."

Mike E. shared this cactus dong.

Then, wouldn't you know it, Jeremy sent this one in, with this explanation: "The attached photo was taken at the Barcelona Zoo while vacationing for the holidays with my family in Spain. It was in the prairie dog habitat...the Spanish are funny!" Divertidísimo!

A friend of Will A.'s "let some random artist guy that he barely knew stay at his place for a couple of weeks. All my friend asked in return was for a sweet mural on his wall. This was one of the panels from the mural of dicks painted on his wall."

And, finally, as this was posted during the State of the Union address, an Obama/McCain bukkake, presented by Adam H., who notes it's "from the political website, a graphical analysis of poll numbers from the 2008 presidential election in North Carolina. Or a sign that politicians are dicks." And amber waves of grain.