Earlier in the week, Arizona Radio guy, Mike Jurecki, reported that he was "hearing" that Kansas City would not be paying Todd Haley's final contract year for "cause" (read: supreme asshole-ery). Haley, if you'll recall, was dumped by the Chiefs earlier this year. Despite winning the AFC West in his second year, the Chiefs never really played up to a level that would allow one to overlook his supreme asshole-ery. Haley would later claim the team was tampering with his phone.

The Chiefs, although they have given the standard "no-comment" response, are essentially saying that Haley was such a giant asshole that they are willing to breach the contract with him (by not paying the final year) because there's no way the League will side with Haley when/if he files a grievance.

Chiefs refusing to pay Haley? [ESPN]