Reader Carl snapped this photo (click to enlarge) of Alex Rodriguez around 8 a.m. this morning at the airport in Miami. He sent it along because he couldn't help but notice the magazine in A-Rod's left hand was Us Weekly. Here's Carl's take on the situation:

We saw a guy getting driven around in a cart, turned out to be A-Rod, we followed the cart where it was stopped as he was browsing through magazines. One of my friends claimed he picked up a Hustler prior to the Us Weekly.

He was nice enough to shake our hands and we asked him for a pic, he said, "Sure, you ready?" I fumbled for my phone then another magazine caught his eye and suddenly he walked away. Our group was deflated, thinking we let the opportunity slip. A-Rod then picked up a magazine, walked back towards us, and said, "Take the pic." And that was that.

A-Rod at the airport buying a gossip mag is pretty much the most A-Rod thing ever. Actually, check that. A-Rod buying a gossip mag that actually has A-Rod on the cover would pretty much be the most A-Rod thing ever. But this will do.