As long as Dan Snyder is around Washington, Wizards and Capitals owner Ted Leonsis won't ever be the city's most thin-skinned sports owner. But with his Caps and Wizards turning in disappointing and horrifying seasons, respectively, Leonsis has been showing the strain.

Eight years ago, Leonsis physically assaulted a Caps fan who'd been jeering him for trading Jaromir Jagr. The fan agreed not to press charges after Leonsis personally apologized and invited him to watch the next home game from the owner's box.

Today, on his blog, Leonsis lashed out at the Washington Post for having run a story about the low, low price of Wizards tickets on the secondary market, where some seats have been going for little more than the cost of a newspaper. He started off thanking season-ticket holders for their loyalty and patience. But then he veered sharply into the sort of territory Snyder is notorious for:

And the negative comments within are mostly from scalpers? Scalping is illegal in our city; so they are now quoting about to be criminals to prove a point in a story. That is ironic, no? The scalpers don't want their names to be used - that usually isn't a good sign. I guess they didn't want to be arrested! The Washington Post is harboring criminals now....


While he's fighting crime, Leonsis should maybe take a look at the Wizards' own website. Right there, customers are allowed to scalp purchase and resell tickets—even at prices above face value. If they can find anyone who'd pay the markup.

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