Brian M. has the honor of kicking this week's submissions collection off. This, because he offers the unique internal-dong image. "This is a radiograph (x-ray) of a canine that was administrated a radiopaque liquid. That is the unintentional dong that you will see. The patient had no medical issues post-radiograph." Yay!

David I. sent this telestratacular image from ESPN's coverage of the Duke/Boston College game.

Writes Ross M., "Darwin's Dong. This metal phallus was spotted inside an unnamed facility member's office who is a part of the Department of Zoology at Michigan State University."

Bumbaclot's wife "drew this throbbing black dong on MLK Jr. Day no less." Raycess. And intentional. "Love how the innocent little kid with the bowl cut is stroking it." Unintentional! Can use.

Phil B. pointed out that this is "Nelly the singer." Nelly. THE SINGER! AHAHAHAHAHAHA.

Jeff S. "was on the American Diabetes Associations website and clicked on a video. This was part of the short film. It was a little awkward when this popped up while showing it to my 6th grade class." BEETUS! Which reminds me: Brimley dong pics, send 'em if you got 'em.

Among those who saw this pooch and sent in some variation of "Unintentional DOnG Submission" or claiming "this is my friend's/cousin's/my dog derp!!1!" were, in no particular order: C. Zach, Lexi C., Sean, Jeff W., Junior, Tom R., Doug Mc, Stephen G., Ariel D., Paul W.'s fiancée, Jacob B., Martin S., Patrick J., Josie L., Sonja M., Jeff P., Ryan M., Jason, "chiliplmr," Don, Justin M., Hugoalie and Wendy H. who went so far as to claim the dog was, in fact, hers. However, Wendy M. did not respond when asked to provide verification of said claims, so the world now knows that Wendy M. peddles lies.

So, Joe D. was all like, "Dong submission from kids show (Blues Clues)."

Adam P. "found this on my sister's driveway, as drawn by my six-year-old niece and four-year-old nephew. They knew what they were up to."

Philthy's friend was playing games with Google Earth. That's when they came across this image of the front of a high school in Granby, Conn.

Russ K. followed a similar path to inclusion in this week's post. Writes RK, "The city of Dallas is in the process of allowing a charter school to open right in the middle of Deep Ellum, the city's arts, live music, and bar center. Needless to say, the opening of this school will have a devastating impact on the local bars and music venues and likely destroy the very fabric of this cultural neighborhood. No one is against schools, but this is not the right place to put one. This project is fueled by greed rather than the desire to educate. Below is a map of the potentially affected area in Deep Ellum."

Writes Drew D., who sent three submissions in with no regard for the one-per-person edict from above, "Found this unintentional bong drawn on my Thai take-out box." Obviously, this is outside the strictures of dong submission gospel, but it could be seen as a fish orally manipulating an undersea dong. So, yeah.

Brian W. works for a Mechanical Contractor. His capitalization. "After reviewing the specifications for a Computer/IT Room Unit," he continued, "I saw the heat dispersions for Figure 5."

Wethy "stumbled upon the classic '400-year-old Dong statue' while walking through a square in Maastricht, the Netherlands."

Chris N. knows "the thermometer thing has been done before but at least this one is in the context of Valentine's Day."

Sean's janitor has issues.

So does Jimmy C. for knowing that a "search for 'beaver' in Office 2007's Clip Art gallery returns this picture of a beaver gnawing on some wood."

Nick checked in from Madrid: "This dong lies on a Metro platform in one of the Metro stations. It's at the station in the area where I've been working for almost two years and I just noticed it today. We're getting international here." Si. Just as it was foretold.

Per Matt T., this dong is protecting a pair of Nikes from the scourge of petty theft.


Chris M. "found this in a SCAD catalog that got sent to my girlfriend's younger brother. Seems like a great design school. But...rly?" What Chris M. rly should have done is explain what SCAD is. But whatever. Look it up if you care enough to do so.

Tipster Sarah "was walking through SoHo when I realized I took a wrong turn. Luckily, there was this trail of rocket dong to show me the way." Ease on down the road.

And finally, Zander D. asks, "Do I send unintentional ballsack photos to you, too? Found this gem during bedtime stories." Yeah, I guess you do. Evolve or perish.