The Chicago Blackhawks were in the middle of skating out the final 15 minutes of a 6-1 thumping of the Columbus Blue Jackets when one of the most absurd-looking fights ever broke out. You may have thought it was a child playfully climbing on an adult, but it was actually two professional hockey players fighting. Or, more accurately, one larger professional hockey player beating a much, much smaller professional hockey player.

The diminutive Blue Jacket, Derek Dorsett, took a run at John Scott, the apparent "best heavyweight in the entire NHL" after his coach called a timeout, likely imploring his team to show some life. Dorsett flailed wildly around Scott's bellybutton, essentially bounced off him and then got his lunch servedā€”cold. The best part is how almost everyone involved is either smiling or giggling uncontrollably. Except Dorsett, of course.

h/t Disco Choo