Think of these people what you will, but you'll never be able to say they did not have the wherewithal to follow Twitter aficionado Darren Rovell's hours-old daughter Harper before he thought to follow her.

Like CNBC news assistant/social media guy Steve Kopack, who managed to stake FIRST claim. Bravo, Kopack. You're as swift as you are handsome.

The runner-up is Coco, who recently Tweeted, "@HerrOwley I'll be there;) und SG auch..ev. Sogar 3 Tage."

Shari Foreman noted, "wow, my new 'niece' got an amazing shout out!! '@lancearmstrong: Congrats to Mr and Mrs @darrenrovell on their new arrival!!'"

Eli Langer: "@brad_wolff You can follow CNBC at First 500 followers make our S&P (Start & Pin) 500 board! ;-)"

Matt Goldberg's lone Tweet reads, "@MarkArum Strawberry jelly on a CFA biscuit is AWESOME! You've gotta try it...sweet and savory at the same time. I promise you'll love it"

Gabe Goldberg seems to be a bit of a smack talker: "How bout that @SethDavisHoops sill don't think the Hoosiers should be ranked?"

Writes Mary Catherine, "@carney all the cool kids are doing it. you should dedicate an entire board to tom & jerry's."

Ivan the K is more politically minded than Harper's other early followers: "The hanging chads are now electronic."

Ninth-place Nick is Harper's first blocked-account follower.

And last but not least is soap-opera fetishist Gennine Kelly, who recently Tweeted, "In 1985 I would have yelled Jack Wagner — '@hollywoodnews: ‘Dancing with the Stars' new cast revealed Hollywood News'"

(H/T Nick C.)