There are legitimate reasons for the Washington Nationals to think they're ready to contend this season: Stephen Strasburg, Ryan Zimmerman, and Bryce Harper are healthy; and Edwin Jackson and Gio Gonzalez have been brought in to help the cause. But Strasburg is already looking past contendingā€”he's already thinking beyond the division, the pennant, and even one World Series. Because why not? It's only been nine years since the franchise has had so much as a winning season, and that was back when it was still in Montreal.

No matter. Here's how far Strasburg took things in an ESPN radio interview yesterday:

"I think everybody in the Nationals organization would agree on this: we're not necessarily playing for one year specifically. We're playing to hopefully build a dynasty."

A dynasty. For the Nationals. And it was chief operating officer Andy Feffer who told Dan Steinberg's D.C. Sports Bog just how the Nats intend to make that happen:

"It's a young team, with an edge and attitude. But now it's different than the past: they're talented, and they've got the skills to back it up. That kind of edge and attitude is Natitude."

Natitude. Of course! Why hadn't the Nationals thought of this before?

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