Fear not, dong lovers. Everyone's favorite Freudian Rorschach test is still here, we're just doing it on the weekends now. So, please, keep submitting all those gems, like this virile taproot submitted by reader Lars.

Continuing our carrot theme, reader Scott passes along this anatomically not-quite-correct specimen.

Here we have a masochist's wet dream. Thank you, Joseph.

I think this one looks more like a candle, or an upside down elephant face. Lucas thinks it looks like a dong.

I call this one "Old Reliable." It's like I've been saying for years. West Liberty is the taint of....whatever region is depicted here. Thanks, David.

Here's one for all you badminton nuts out there. Much obliged, Ben.

"Is Joe still messing around with the grill? God, what a dick." [via]

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