The two greatest days on the sports calendar are finally here. With several games still on tap tonight and 16 more tomorrow, there's absolutely no reason to do anything except watch basketball. Join us, as the 2012 NCAA Tournament continues. Your fourth-set-of-games open thread » | Your third-set-of-games open thread » | Your second-set-of-games open thread » | Your first-set-of-games open thread »

Syracuse survives, but it had help: A video compilation of the refs' questionable calls as the Orange barely avoid becoming the first 1 seed to lose to a 16. Read »

Rick Robey, former March Madness star, on the end of his playing days: "After I quit, not being able to get the cortisone put into my hip, that kind of just ended it. I became pretty much a cripple." Read »

Shut up and go home, Pat Knight: It's time to call out the loser who called out his players. Read »

How to watch the tournament at the office: You're probably stuck at work. Don't let it get you down: you've got multiple options for turning your cubicle into a sports bar. Read »

How the bracket was built: For the first time, the Tournament Selection Committee gives an inside look into how the at-large teams were selected. It's a fascinating process, whether your school is in or out. Read »

Hope you didn't fill out that bracket: Do you want to enjoy, really enjoy these games for their own sake? Take it from a lapsed bracketholic, and stay out of the pool. Read »

30 years of March Madness on TV: What did it look like to watch the tourney back in 1983? 1993? A trip down memory lane, with graphics. Read »

Duke sucks: Forget what the media and Nike and Chevy and American Express tell you. Coach K is a dick. Read »
Also: Life as a Blue Devils walk-on

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