Maybe this doesn't need to be said, but normal people don't complain to the FCC. It's not that they don't get offended: it's just that it takes a hell of a lot more to offend them than the sort of thing that actually makes it on television. Like M.I.A. slipping a middle finger past NBC censors. Not the end of the world, say normal people. Somehow we'll move on.

So, then, it must be a shitty, shitty job working in the FCC's complaint department, because 99 percent of the letters you receive are from the one percent of the population who finds it necessarily to complain that the TV is doing things that happen in the real world. These are some of those letters.


First, let's be thankful that the FCC, as a government agency, has to release these. Then let's be thankful that Shaun Assael thought to request them, and post them at Assael's a rock star and goes so unappreciated over there, so we're happy to direct you to read all of his findings.

We'll just present some of the highlights, with bonus crazy people mad at the commercials.

FCC complaints reflect ire over Super Bowl []