Well, well, well. We meet again for some pseudo-dongage. Strap in for the ride of your lives couple minutes or so on a Saturday. Our first submission is from Adam. As always, be sure to send in any would-be penises to the tips department.

David sends along this lunch time treat: Pickled nuts and a french-fried shaft. Delicious.

Evan tells us this photo was taken in Turkey and the locals refer to these structures as "fairy chimneys." Alright.

This is almost a perfectly shaped dong created, and expelled, by the stomach of reader Alexandra's cat.

A reader sends in this steroid-abuser of a carrot on behalf of his far too modest friend "Farmer Ted." Ted, you know you thought the thought—that's immodest enough, sicko.

Reader Mike continues our streak of cactus dongs. This is a pretty aesthetically pleasing one. Good ball to shaft ratio, the balls are slightly misshapen and different-sized which adds to the realism. Well done, Nature.

On the other hand, we have Seth and Missy who seem to have stumbled across the remains of the John Wayne Bobbit of cacti.

Rian passes along this bird feeder dong with what appears to be a little Prince Albert modification.

This is a Spanish doorway heavily influenced by the Moors who, as we all know, are world-renowned for being obsessed with penises. This was submitted by a user who's email I deleted by accident. So take credit for it, quick.

An emailer known only as 5 boyles submitted this dong confection. It hits all the bases. Sugar, caramel, chocolate and, of course, cheesecake. It is pure sex.

We can all thank Cedric for this creamy and spreadable dong submission.

I'm not even sure what this is other than the most depressing meal I've ever seen. Thanks, Mark.

TCM presents, with limited commercial interruption, Robert Osbourne in Penis-Shaped Things On The Set. Having debuted to less than critical acclaim in 1993, the film has since developed a cult following online, cashing in on the rabid demand for all things penis-shaped. It is believed that a man named Gary was responsible for the online revival.