While we declared the end to the Hoopster trend a year and a half ago, the Hoopsters show no signs of quitting—certainly not at this past weekend's Ultra music fest in Miami. For the uninitiated, Ultra is the social event for college kids who love Ecstasy and sort of like electronic music. Here are some highlights from Deadspin reader Max Ornstein. Max titled his collection "Ultra Jerseys and One Great Butt." The great butt, naturally, is at the end.

Above, Big Country Bryant Reeves appears, as he always does.

Oh, look. More Big Country.

Linsanity, bro.

The 1989-90 LSU Tigers, reunited at Ultra.

This is from Semi-Pro, the semi-forgotten Will Ferrell vehicle.

Note guy with pacifier.

LeBron's high school jersey—that's a resourceful hoopster.

This is a child's medium.

This guy was supposed to be at a Bon Jovi concert.

This guy was also supposed to be at a Bon Jovi concert.

The technicolor Nuggets jerseys appear without fail.

Looks like Yung Dunz fittingly pulled a muscle.

Looney Tunes represent?

This guy was later arrested and charged with inciting a fight at a bowling alley.

There's your one great butt. See you all at Coachella!