Welcome back to the best in unintentional dongs. We have quite the assortment this week so do come inside. As always, be sure to send in any would-be penises to the tips department. Our lead unintentional dong today comes from reader Nicholas who snapped this shot of a dong raindrop-inspired chandelier.

Here we have some more rain-related dongage thanks to reader Bryan. This weather dong knows what's up—look how far away it is from Friendsville. Pro move.

Beef Wellington High School, courtesy of reader Colin.

Connor sends in this "artisan bread dong." Not sure what kind of artisans are serving bread with ketchup and french fries, bud.

This tree of dongs was sent in by Dave. The real Tree of Knowledge. /Cross-posts to Jezebel.

This terrifying children's cartoon featuring a bird and bespectacled turtle-thing sharing a silver dildo was sent in by David.

Here's a translucent jellyfish-like dong sent in by Doug.

Gary in Ohio checks in with this lonely ginger dong in a takeout box. We've all been there.

Greg sends this in and it is presented without comment.

I....this is just weird. I don't know that my mind would have gone straight to "dong" here, but I'll never know thanks to Jeff.

Some more home and garden/water related dongs. These guys look like a whole gang of troublemakers. Thanks, Josh!

Ah yes. The Churro dong and/or used condom. A unique dessert indeed. Thank you, Matt.

Finally for the week, ryan provides some answers as to why Avon is still around.