It's Saturday, so that can mean only one thing: things that kind of look like dicks! Enjoy our first image, a canon packing some serious heat, courtesy of Wethy. As always, be sure to send in any would-be penises to the tips department.

Everything about this makes me sick. The glaze, the uncanny resemblance. Everything. Thanks for nothing, Brad.

Casey sends in this wonderful little baseball card with autograph dong featuring Cleveland Indian superstar and Unintentional Dong hall of famer, Brook Jacoby.

Here's another addition to the Turkish architecture wing of the Unintentional Dong museum. Made possible by reader donors like Christian.

Feast your eyes and taste buds on the Red Robin Onion Ring Dong Tower. $7.99, plus tax. Let's all keep reader Dan in our thoughts as he wrestles with whatever demons brought him to Red Robin.

Frankie passes along this striking toothpaste dong. Very realistic, for those of us who are shorn, anyway.

This water dong is from Cancun so, beware Montezuma's revenge, Gregory.

The chocolate chip dong is the tastiest of all dong-looking foods. Thanks to Jen for sating my sweet tooth.

This is apparently one of those new Domino's garlic knots that they are calling something else and pretending like they invented bread. Thank you Joe for providing this metaphor of the dickheaded qualities of Domino's.

Tide: Now not just famous for putting out flaming wrecks at the Daytona 500! Another Joe sent this one in.

Reader Kyle sends in this castrated banana pepper. Poor pepper. Guy gets married and next thing you know, he's drinking wine and eating cheese and all his pepper friends never hear from him again.

Go scuba diving with Tiki Hut and find yourself some breathtaking coral reef dongs. Thanks for the heads up, different Kyle from before!

Liz sends in this toilet paper dong from her admittedly disgusting bathroom floor. She refuses to pick it up because it makes her chuckle so.

And last but certainly not least, Nick captures a sculpture of Mao Tse Dong.