Every man can stand to look a little better on the beach. And no one wants to see you in those faded, sagging trunks you bought in college. So this summer, get some better-fitting swimwear from Bonobos, the online retailer known for better-fitting man pants.

It's simple and affordable to purchase your new board shorts or swim trunks: from today until April 27, new Bonobos customers can visit Bonobos and use code DEADSPIN25 on their first purchase to get 25% off swimwear.

Or, if you live in NYC or Boston, just stroll over to a Bonobos Guide shop, and a Bonobos Guide (your complimentary personal shopper well-versed in style and fit advice) will hook you up. Book an appointment now.

Now, determine if you a board shorts dude or a swim trunks guy using this handy guide:


The Low Tide board shorts (pictured, left) are a good choice if you

  • are prone to thighburns
  • fancy yourself an amateur watersportsman
  • fancy yourself a watersports aficionado


  • consume tacos on a regular basis


The High Tide swim trunks (pictured, left) are for you if you

  • have done a squat in the last year
  • live in a walk-up
  • do not have unsightly knees


  • do not have copious leg hair

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