ESPN says that the Falcons thought about it really hard, but decided they'll pass on being profiled on Hard Knocks this season. They say they'd like to focus on football and football only, which makes us wonder if Rex Ryan wasn't the worst thing that ever happened to this show.

Hard Knocks was always awesome and educational, even before the Jets soap opera had its turn. But now everyone associates the show with that Florham Park circus, as if the cameras will inevitably embarrass whatever franchise signs on—and as if those Jets weren't going to be a world-class shitshow anyway. HBO might have reached a nadir with the 2010 edition, but poisoned the well in the process. It's sad, and perhaps our only hope is Woody Johnson carrying the day and getting the Jets on for a second time.

The Ravens and 49ers are still reportedly in play. And the Jaguars? The Jaguars are that kid in the front row of class, straining in his seat and raising his hand with his other hand, while the teacher avoids calling on him because everyone knows he'll get it wrong.