This morning, we posted the photo you see above, which shows a Latrell Sprewell figurine with an unintentionally funny warning label. The image was sent to us by a reader who had recently purchased the figurine at an antique store. Our commenters, naturally, were not content to let the Spree joke stand on its own. Almost immediately, the comment thread on the Spree post began brimming with photos of other figurines, with the commenters adding individual warning labels of their own making. Some were tasteless, some were cruel, but many were biting and rather hilarious. In no particular order, we hereby present this gallery of many of those figurines and their warning labels, while also encouraging you to check out the original thread for yourself. Off we go.

Evander Holyfield
"Not for human consumption"
by DubaiAtNight

Lawrence Taylor
"Warning: Must Be 16 To Use"
by Sgt. Hammerclaw

Chris Berman
"Warning: May cause irritation"
by ReverseApeChemist

Terrell Owens
"Warning: May Cause Cancer"
by Steve U

Ted Williams
by Sponsored by V8

Rae Carruth
"Warning: Do Not Use if You Are Nursing or Pregnant"
by The Amazing Sneijderman

Adam Morrison
"Warning: Just for display, do not play with."
by siameese.cities

Calista Flockhart
by Steve U

Roberto Clemente
"WARNING: Flight Risk"
by In Re Hightower

Steve McNair
"Warning: may contain lead"

Ricky Williams
"Keep off grass"
by TRT-X

Plaxico Burress
"Warning: May Harm Self"
by Phintastic

Shawn Kemp
"WARNING: Use protection. Known to cause pregnancy."
by torn ibiscus

Andre Rison
"Warning: May Cause 'Eye Damage"
by IronMikeGallego

Pelle Lindbergh
"Warning: Ride May Come To A Sudden Stop"
by Captain Lou

Dock Ellis
"Warning: May Contain Acid"
by Steve U

Joe Theismann
"Some assembly required"
by DandyAndyMoog

Sammy Sosa
"Care Instructions: Do Not Bleach"
by taco_mailman

Pat Summitt
by Sponsored by V8

Jim Abbott
"Right Arm Sold Separately"
by Fendi Hotdogbun

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